Videoke King

Red Box, Red Tube, RedBox, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Come along join the fun join the party, take the chance sing along join the party! hahahah The Singing Bee!

YES! its videoke / karaoke night once again… ! The Videoke King is here! hhahah

A couple of friends met up in Red Box in Greenbelt last friday for a little unwind from the toxic and stressful work and school stuffs. Daisy, Rolly and I were the last one to arrived in Red Box after we saw each other in Megamall and waited for a taxi for a couple of minutes. when we arrived, the rest of the gang was already there.

I cannot count how many song i sang, but not that much, only those songs that i more familiar with and notes that i can reach… It was fun, I sang the songs that were playing even though it were not time. And there were lots of incidents that i cheated of jumping the songs that i entered so that my song will be the next in the playlist and cut short the waiting time for my turn… hahahah :D

I think I had three (3) San Mig Lights and those of Rolly’s who, again, cheated on giving to me his bottle of beer.

It was my first time in RedBox, and what can i say, all were expensive, the Room, food, drinks etc… I dunno if that’s because we were in Greenbelt, and if the charges and costs are different in RedBox Trinoma or in some other place. It costs Php 400.00 per person, we were nine (9), excluding the refreshments. You do the math. Anyway, I hardly ever go out, and i had fun, I will not mind the expenses afterwards, after a few days I will no longer think about it. Do you want to see a sample of me singing? hehehe… if you like to, juts leave a message, hahhaa.. make a request.. hahaha

Say That You Love Me

When our reservation come to an end, they decided to have a coffee afterwards. We were supposed to go to Starbucks not that they love the coffee or frappes there, but mainly because of the stickers they are accumulating in exchange for the 2009 Starbucks Organizer. Too bad for them, Starbucks were jam-packed! There was no available place for all of us. So, we decided to go to The Coffee Bean, where the coffee and frappes are way better than those of Starbucks.

Because I love chocolate so much, I ordered iced blended double chocolate, and stupid me, i forgot that i have alcohol circulating in my body and i was having Chocolate with milk… You probably guessed the result. My stomach was not feeling well, my mind is telling me to throw up but i cannot, not at that time, and i even felt that i had to go to the restroom but not that intense. And i waited until i arrived home and forced my self to puke, indeed, i felt much better.. hehheeh

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  2. yayanne says:

    ei, dhen, puro pasarap k nmn dyn, ha! kkmiss ang videoke trip dyn! wla ksing videoke bar dito! hanggng flat lang kmi!wahahaaha.

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