University of the Philippines Law Center, UP College of Law

It was a sunny tuesday, the day i was supposed to enroll for the second semester in University of the Philippines Law Center for my Advance Review for the Bar Exams. But unfortunately, the cashier told me that they are no longer accepting personal checks as payment for any fees as per memorandum by the UP Administration. So, i was not able to enroll that day, i don’t have sufficient cash with me even if i will withdraw my remaining allowance. I decided to go back the next day right after i encashed the check of my brother Nelson in China Bank in Globe Telecom Plaza I.

The next day, I went in China Bank in Globe Telecom Plaza and encashed the cheque and then proceeded In University of the Philippines right after i had my lunch in KFC in Gateway Mall in Cubao. I was able to enrolled that day and received my Identification Card as well as the Review Materials that were already distributed to the reviewees. Tomorrow will be my first day to attend the class, and it will last until March of 2009.

after enrollment, I was supposed to go to my fraternity brod together with my other brods, but then i decided to just stay at home and study for my final examination in Taxation this coming sunday.

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