‘The Way I See it’ letters

there is something new in starbucks that interests me… they have this “The Way I see It Cups” that contains quotes. The next time you visit your favorite Starbucks franchise, dont forget to have your own “The Way I See it Cups”

Here’s a good sample:


Remember your dreams and fight for them…

you must know what you want from life…

there is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of FAILURE

Never forget your personal legend

Never forget your dreams

Your Silent Heart will guide you. Be silent now.

It is the possibilty of a dream that makes life interesting.

You can choose between being a victim of destiny

or an adventurer who is fighting for something important.

- Paolo Coelho

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  1. Freelancer says:

    #204??? How many cups are there? This one is cute and inspiring…. I mean, the cup is really cute..haha…and cool…oh boy! gotta tell my peeps about it and get one for ourselves…Starbucks rule! cough…cough…. I forgot…I don’t drink coffee pala…my allergies get triggered BUT just for the cup??? JUST FOR THE CUP!!!waah,bwahuhu, sniff, im down on mah knees, begging please, give me the cup (cup!, cup!,cup!) (echo,hehe) or? I could ask my friends to drink the coffee and I get the cup…hahaha…some kind of an insane person & it might not work since they’ll also think that the cup is cute like my kikay gurlfriends…darn…or I steal the cups from the drinkers..oohlala..I steal them and sneak ‘em in mah bag..j/k… Two thumbs up for this blog! Yey!

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