Taxation Final Examination

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I had my final exam in Taxation Review under Atty. Francis Sababan last Sunday, from 6pm to 7:30pm . After a week of reviewing, its time to test what i know and the extent of my knowledge in Taxation. I am an Accountancy Graduate, I have a background in taxation, maybe in theory and in application, but i cannot say though that i have the advantage, because this is quite different from the taxation i learned here in Law School. So, i had to do my best to pass the subject.

Few weeks ago, before our final exam, Atty. Francis Sababan returned to us our midterm exam, and as i said i passed. But that was not an assurance that i should go easy with the final exam, because we had to expect that it would be very tricky and difficult ( knowing Attorney Sababan).

Throughout the review process for the exam, i had to review for taxation in the morning and attend around late noon for Advance review in UP until 9pm. I which i found to be so tiring, i cannot decide which materials to read first. So, with the some help tips of anticipated questions from my brother in the Fraternity, (and other friends) and i gave them substantial lectures too hahahha, the reviewing went smoothly in the few last day before the exam…

After the exam, i found most of the questions somewhat easy, but i cannot rely on that, because just like what happened to me last semester i found the exam easy too but then i failed. BUt this time, my worries was about my interpretation of the law, because Atty. Sababan’s questions are tricky. I just hope i passed it again…. and I hope the Next time I will be seeing Atty. Francis Sababan would be in his pre-week lecture and not in the regular class in taxation Review every Sunday.

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  2. TTBR says:

    Congrats…I know how did you feel during those days of waiting…it’s like hanging on a cliff. I have attended Sir’s Taxation Law I and Taxation Law Review and i really had a hard time in passing his exams. I am not an excellent student and I do not have any background in Taxation as my pre-law course is Communication Arts. Well…goodluck in your review….Goodluck barrister!

  3. dennis says:

    thanks TTBR… are u a barrister too? or already passed the bar?

  4. Congratulations again. You deserve to pass. Your hard work paid off…. :-)

  5. blupyre says:

    Glad to hear that, Atty. Sababan just was reunited with the lord this morning at around 1am due to complications after weeks in the ICU. Pls. go to San Sebastian to show your support of our beloved mentor.

  6. aldrin says:

    Atty.Sababan a truly unique on his own class a great mentor ;thank you for being part of our 2010 review class. you made us laugh and happy

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