story 2: Why Different Occupations

When Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, they had to build a house for themselves on barren and earn their bread by the sweat of their brows. Adam hoed and Eve spun wool. Every year they had a child.

AS the years passed, the children grew and numbered 14. One day there was a knocking at the door. Adam opened the latch and the heavenly Father stepped in. Eve quickly invited the Lord to sit down. “Thank you,” he said as he was offered something to drink. “Are the children near?”

Quickly, Adam called the children and seven of them marched the room and stood politely in front of the Lord. He arose, smiled, and said, “Iwold like to give each of you a blessing.” They knelt before him as he placed his hands on their heads. To the first he said, “You will become a mighty King.” Turning to the second, he said, “You will be a princess.” The third also received his blessing to become scholars and merchants.

When Adam and Eve saw how marvelously God had blessed their Children, they ran out and found all the others. In trooped the last seven, out of breath. Again the Lord smiled and said, “I would also like to give my blesing to these children.” Adam and Eve smiled in anticipation.

Reaching the first, the Lord said, “You will be a domestic servant.” To the second, “You will become a farmer.” The three received the blessing to be a shoemaker. Others were blessed to become blacksmiths, tanners, and seamstresses.

When Eve heard the blessings for the last group, she cried, “Lord, this is not fair. You distribute your blessings so unequally. All of these are my children, and yet you have made some to be kings and some servants.”

God listened to Eve and replied, “Eve, you do not understand. It is necessary for me to provide for all of the tasks on earth through your children. If all were kings and princesses, there would be no one to farm or provide food. If all were counts, who would provide clothing? Everyone serves a different function, and in my eyes they are all important. Like the parts of the body, they all blend together and support one another.”

Then Eve answered, “O Lord, forgive me. I was too hasty in arguing with you. I want your divine will to be done for all my children.”

- after an old German folktale

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