Smiling Moon

Smiling Moon, Happy Moon

I just smiled :D

this was my reaction when looked up in the sky last December 01, 2008 and saw the moon smiling.

When I came back at home After I brought my laundry in the shop, right before i unlocked the door, i didnt know what came over me and decided to look up in the sky. And when I did, I Just smiled! I was amazed on what i saw, on how the heavenly bodies formed in such a way. The moon was smiling with a corresponding eyes in it.

I tried to capture it with my camera but then i cannot get a clear image. and so i borrowed an image of it from other blogger.

At first I though the eyes were stars, but it weren’t. Day after that scenario, I Google it, and i found out that The phenomenon happened because the jupiter and the Venus are 2 degree from each other, and they are not stars like what i was thinking. Although these 2 planets are hundreds of million miles away from each other but the picture showing on the sky make us feel they are closed.

This brings new hope and happiness to us, now that we are facing a global financial crisis. Its like God is sending us a message saying that we should not lose hope and and never surrender. We should stay happy even this times of crises and challenges. What we are facing right now are just trials, and HE will not give us this burden if we cannot defeat and conquer the same.

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4 Responses to Smiling Moon

  1. nedz says:

    It was last Monday dude. Dec. 01. :)

  2. dennis says:

    hhehehe… ayan i corrected it na… dec 31 pala nailagay ko

  3. Elizar says:

    i saw that din that night! tuwang tuwa si matt.. ililipat ko sya sa nanay that night eh.. sabi, ‘ayun moon.. anong sabi moon?’… :)

  4. dennis says:

    hahaha.. si matt pa nag interpret nung moon

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