Sick, but still kicking!

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I need a break from studying, need to have a quick blog.

I dunno what happened to me last thursday, March 26, 2007, around past 11:00pm when i was studying, i knew something was wrong with me, i knew I was sick. It was obvious that night that I will be having a cold, sorethroat, running nose… but then my body felt heavy. I immediately took some medicines (i have plenty of different kinds of medicine in my closet), as my mom used to say, that If you are feeling something “inum kaagad ng gamot”.

Instead of going to bed around 2am, I slept early that night around 12:30.

I was right! as my usual schedule of waking up around 7-7:30, I can no longer remain standing nor seating. Few minutes in my chair and study table, i decided to go back to bed… I really cannot endure the heaviness of my body. I am sick. I have a fever. I have cold. Muscle pains.

My theory was that, i probably over exercised my self when i was in the gym yesterday. I did more repetitions and sets, and additional weights than the normal routine. Did i abused my body that’s why im sick? i strained my self? Or maybe because i always sleep late, and wake up early…? i go to gym almost everyday day, i dont think that causes my sickness.

Afternoon came, I didn’t go to the gym. I felt much better, still i know i was sick. But then, i don’t want my sickness to be a deterrent in my review. So i read. read. read. I have at least 200 pages to meet up everyday, exceed it is much better… I drank energy drink thinking that it might help even though im sick. (it really works when im feeling normal)

LAte afternoon and evening came, I was so sick again. I kept on lying in my bed. I cannot remain standing. The climate was hot, i felt cold. I was sicker. I can no no longer study. During this time that i am “really sick”, these are the time that i really missed my mom :((

I can still remember that the last time that I was really sick, that is, i cant eat, i cant walk, back when i was taking the CPA Board Exam, I had a typhoid fever. I was crying alone in my room somewhere in C.M. Recto, wishing my mom was there to take care of me…. heheheh… Anyway, I did send an SMS to my mom, I told here I was sick. :D

I wasn’t able to meet my 200 pages quota. I had to sleep, take a rest, i was so sick. I slept early around 10:00pm.

I took my medicine religiously. Even in early morning I woke up, 2am or 3 or 4am, just to take my medicines. The next morning, Saturday, I’m feeling much better. I just only had a cold. Just a swipe of tissue and its gone. hehehe…. I had to compensate the lost pages that I failed to obtain, to get back to track…

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  1. Scorpionman says:

    Nice to know that you’re ok and fine now…i think it’s time for you to find that special someone who can take care of you. Why is it that people only remembers our parents specially our mother when they are sick? Hehehe…just asking?

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