sick again….

ive been lying in my bed all day and sleeping, and didn’t even went to work . I dont feel so good. I have a fever and a sore throat. Although I already had the idea that I will be sick since i felt two days earlier that i am not well, and its only this friday that the fever manifested. But I think i getting well already. I going to my home town today, but right after going to the airport to get my mom. Im happy that she’s back and there is again reason for me go back home. LOve you mom! see you later.

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  1. hannah says:

    As far as I could remember, the last time I learned you were sick was during your review for the bar when you couldn’t stand up one morning but decided to still work out, go to the gym and later on felt a lot better. That was year 2009 Dennis :-) hehe. I doubt it if you could still remember me :-) Amazing how you are able to maintain your blogging hobby after all those months. It’s just lately that I learned how to work out, haha, when I found out that I want to be an NBI agent :-) Work outs are healthy if properly done, the main purpose of which is to improve our health, isn’t it?
    Mind if I make a suggestion?

    Could you have more blogs about PNP, NBI, the army, AFP, NAvy… :-) How bout blogs on the different types of guns/machineries in the army (hope I aint threading on dangerous grounds :-) and more on motorcyles and cars (used or new). Just suggestions if you’re not busy with work :-) and the upcoming elections :-) hope you could get more traffic on that. Thank you.

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