Secret Diary of a C@ll Girl – (Billie Piper)

Billie Piper – Secret Diary of a C@ll Girl


when i was in highschool and an avid viewer of Music Television (MTV Asia), I came to know about this UK pop sensation named Billie Piper, who made it big in the Pop chart with the song “Because we want to”.

When I went to college and graduated, I’ve never heard anything new about Billie Piper maybe bacause I matured? or just been occupied with something new?

Anyway, a friend lend me a DVD, a TV series entitled “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”. The title was teasing and appealing. I got curious and decided to watch it.

And YES! The title speaks for it self! And yes, it’s Billie Piper who is a prostitute, or hoar, or call girl, but she preferred to be called as an escort service girl. But he posed her self as a Legal Secretary. Belle (real name Hannah Baxter) is a graduate living in London, who has worked for the last few years as a high class escort. She’s an independent, witty young woman who has always claimed she was happy being single. She doesn’t need relationships – her work as Belle gives her everything she needs. At work she is in total control and a complete professional – the ultimate seductive call girl. But in her real life as Hannah, life gets a lot more messy…

From a teen pop sensation, to a witty sexy actress…

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    anyway, i know that song, because we want to, because we want to

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