Revalida… (Oral Examination / Deliberation)

Last Saturday, I received this text message from a friend in Law School that I am scheduled to have my Revalida (Oral Examination/deliberatin) this coming March 27 (friday). I instantly felt nervous and pressured that moment. Why that sudden? its like “we” don’t have any preparation at all… though technically we had all the time to prepare in our revalida. We have been studying for four (4) years, we had our review subjects, and for me, I had an early review for the bar, i should have no excuse at all in the revalida.

Anyway, its sad to admit, based on my assessment, im not at all been productive in my advance review…. what the heck! Ok, im not at all pressured this coming revalida, even though I havent touched 3 Bar Subjects in my Advance review, and I havent finished Civil Law yet. Anyway, Revalida is just an assessment of your knowledge, and the panelist will just determine what subject we should focus more..

That same day, i was told about the good news that I passed Legal Medicine, cursed that subject!! hehehe… It was just a one (1) unit subject, but then it made us suffer so much!

Any way, I went to school, and found out about the good news??????? that my revalida was moved on the 24th of April. Was it really a good news? Haist! it will affect my review schedule! sigh……

WE have a new panelist in Criminal Law, I was told that he was just the same as Atty. Ferdinand Tan, oh my gosh!!! i have to study that subject again! sigh… .. this will not be easy.

I have to do good there. I dont want to be told as “The Cute Guy who KNow less” hheehehe.. (joking)

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3 Responses to Revalida… (Oral Examination / Deliberation)

  1. Scorpionman says:

    Kayang kaya mo yan Bro just relax.

  2. i want to be the cute guy who knows less than a brainy ugly betty one. :)

  3. dennis says:

    heheheh… im glad i have both… harharhar :D (it runs in the family… agree? mr. make money online?? )

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