Quick Dump in Seattle’s Best

I just had my final exam in Civil Law Review 2, the subject covers the Law on Obligations and Contracts and Special Contracts, but the coverage of the final Exam consisted only of the Special Contracts, such as but not limited to the Law on Sales, Partnership, Agency, Mortgage, and Lease. After the exam, I really don’t know where I stand, some are easy some are not. I just hope i passed it.

And now, I am preparing for my final exam in Commercial Law this coming sunday. I was supposed to go home in Bulacan, because it’s almost 2 weeks since i went home. But then I decided to delay it and finished first my exam in Commercial Law, because i cannot concentrate when I’m at home.

I just stayed here in Manila and went to Seattle’s Best Coffee and study there for a while, while waiting for my friend who took a Cisco Examination MIS NET Education in Valero Street, Salcedo Village.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop in Valero is the place where Law Students from Lyceum Law School stayed and spend their time studying. I dunno how they were able to concentrate in that place. The place is always occupied by employees, business men and other professionals, not to mention call center agents.

The funny thing was, it’s not long that I have been sitting there and reading my Review Notes, and I haven’t order anything yet, but then i have to visit the Comfort Room to dump something… hahahah :D That’s my territory now. hahahah.

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  1. Elizar Palad says:

    that sign is hillarious! hehehe

    nga pala den, nofollow comments mo ah, hehehe, sayang mga comment ko. :D

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  3. crisn says:

    hahahahaha…this is a novel toilet sign.

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