(Panel) Interview – part 1

In my last blog, i was excited when the Human Resource Department of the Office of the Solicitor General called me and informed me of my panel interview. On 02 February 2012, I did not report for work. I made an excuse that i had to go home in Bulacan for a family gathering. I was expecting that the panel interview is a whole day event, so  better to inform my new office that I am out the whole day.

My schedule for the panel interview was supposed to be around 10:00 o’clock in the morning, but the OSG Justices came late going to the panel room. Out of the five (5) justice panelist, only 3 appeared – ASG Tang, Fernandez and i forgot the other justice; HR told me that the other 2 panel justices were on-leave and will be late.

It was not the the typical job interview scenario. Questions revolved around rules of court, laws, jurisprudence, current issues and experiences. The first part of the interview started around 10:45am and ended around 12:15pm. I was later informed by the HR personnel that part two (2) of the interview will resume around 2:00 pm with Justice Karl Miranda.

When Assistant Solicitor General Karl Miranda learned that my panel interview that morning took quite some time, he made a statement: “That long? You are that interesting?” I took that as a compliment.The interview with Justice Miranda was intense. He asked questions from basic laws to complicated ones. We even tackled the issues on international laws, and the relation of the holy bible to man’s laws. I was asked if i passed his interview, I honestly said “no”, and i just answered “sir, give me the grade that i deserved”. I think ASG Karl Miranda is  kind and accommodating. During the interview, he offered and gave me a cup of tea and a biscuit. And even after the interview, he let me have a snack with his lawyers and staffs. The interview lasted for at least two (2) hours, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

I had a feeling back then that I did good on my interviews..

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