NOT so Good Day

We really cannot avoid unfortunate events if it were really meant for us. All we can do is be extra careful to minimize, if we cannot avert the harm that will occur. My day wasn’t that good. It was not my day. Considering that I was almost a minute late to school, rushing and speeding up my way to be on time, there occurred an ill-fated adversity. Almost-running walk going to LRT, seeing the next train going to Santolan, i rushed up while getting my store-value LRT card on my wallet, finding out that it was not there, thinking that I might left it somewhere at home, so instead i bought a new store value card and I hustled up to train platform. Perspired and tired. When I arrived in Katipunan, the Card Slot was not accepting my Card. I tried almost the machine but no to avail. Knowing that Im almost late, I went to the customer service for assistance. They were asking me if I have another card. I kept on saying that I have none, over and over, thinking in good faith that I really don’t have another card, even LRT1 card. The guy said that the Card I gave him was not entered or did not registered as entered in V.Mapa station. He was even trying to explain that that card was not the one i used in VMAPA, so i looked again in my wallet to convince him that I really don’t have any other LRT CARD, but to my humiliation… I found another LRT card!! Crap! I didn’t forget my LRT CARD, i was hidden. I was so embarrased. I apologized to him twice or thrice, i can’t remember, but what i know was that i was rushing to get out from there.

Before I went in the jeepney terminal going to UP campus, as my routine, i bought a bottled water in Ministop Convenient Store. When i was already in the Jeep, there I noticed right after i drank that the Bottle was leaking… I wet my pants and my shoes! What a day! And still… on my way to campus, traffic! If only I could fly!

When I arrived in school, It was good that Dean Ortega was not yet there, so i still have time to fix my self in the washroom. When I entered the classroom, somebody was occupying my seat!! What the heck!! Though we don’t have a permanent seat, but then technically i was already permanent in that seat. Applying the law on prescription, as a mode of acquiring ownership, an open, publicly, continuous, occupation for a long peeriod of time entitled the possessor a right. What the heck! ive been occupying that seat for two months now. Even before, when i was REALLY late, still no body was trying to occupy my seat! Because they know I SEAT THERE! Why now?! who ever you are, don’t take my seat!!!!

So, i was forced to seat somewhere else… It was so uncomfortable….

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  1. nedz says:

    God inspired delays..

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