Norzagaray Smiles Club

I attended the anniversary of Norzagaray Smiles Club. This annual celebration gives recognition to the citizens of the town of Norzagaray who were able to achieve a goal in their life. Some were outstanding senior citizens, outstanding professionals in their field, New professionals, and new graduates.

A day before the celebration,my mother informed me that an invitation was given to me to attend the said event. This was my second time to attend, the first time was almost 6 years ago when I graduated from college and my parents as an awardee for parents of the year.

This time, I was invited as an achiever for passing the 2009 bar Examination. In this event, I was addressed as Attorney and no longer in my first name. I was proud of my self, however, I was even prouder for my parents.  Although the people there do not know me, they know my  parents, and they envy my folks for having  a lawyer son.

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