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Nisce skin n' faceI had my facial visit yesterday but unfortunately i was beyond cut-off for client’s queue in flawless megamall, same in Let’s Face it, so I decided to find another one. I came across this Nisce Skin n’ Face beauty and wellness center. I read their services from outside and saw that their prices were reasonable, why not try it out, I’ve been in 4 different facial clinic now, and told my self why not make it five.

AS i entered Nisce Skin n’ Face / Nisce Facial Clinic, I told the receptionist my usual facial treatment, facial with seaweed mask. As compared to other facial salon during that time that there were still many clients waiting, in Nisce, there is none. Maybe because they haven’t build a name so far, and not so many people have tested their services. While waiting, I was thinking, I’ll try this… then I will decide if there will be a chance for frequent visit.

I was expecting a more indulging or a spoiling treatment since obviously I was their last client and more so, I informed them that It was my first time to visit Nisce Skin n’ Face. A more pampering treatment will surely earned them a plus plus point for a possible subsequent visit

The priority for visiting a facial salon was to make sure that your face will be cleansed, right? Sad to say that I have to compare them to other facial salon that I usually visit. Their Deep Cleansing was not so deep hahahahha. The preparatory procedure and their way of deep cleaning the face was not that extensive. I do not know what they call it, but they just brushed my face up then they already steamed my face. As compared to other facial salon that they wash your face, put something to it and massage it after wards, brush it, etc… then steamed your face.

In the process, I was asked by the attendant if I wanted to change my treatment, she said that since my face is oily, I should have Seamud Softmask instead. Really? I’ve been visiting facial salon since time immemorial, and I was told that seaweed mask is for oily skin? What the heck, I tried it anyway.

When it comes to facial pricking part, why was it that it already hurts when she was doing my forehead? Usually, based on many experiences, the hurtful part of facial pricking is in the nose part. Why the heck it hurts in my forehead? and in my cheek and in my chin? was it because of the pricking tool? or the attendant had a heavy hand? I dunno. I sensed that she didn’t pricked me too much, i think she just pricked the obvious ones. I noticed that she didn’t touch my face or felt it to know if there were still a part that need pricking other than the obvious.

When she was done, I was expecting that what were collected will be a bunch, but it was not, so I came to think if my face was really clean inspite of my oily face. Then they put the seamud on my face and left it for 15 minutes. It smelled good, it was cold and it felt good, but im not quite sure what will be its effect on my oily face.

The hardest part after facial was fixing my hair, hahaha… after an hour lying there, and and having a headband on your hair, after the treatment, I always had difficulty fixing my hair.

The Facial with Seamud Softmask in Nisce Skin n’ Face costs me P550.00, but I am a dissatisfied customer… most probably, I will not be back there, if I have another option.

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