My Very Own Menudo

how to cook menudo

It was Wednesday, i went to the gym in the morning and then decided to cook something for lunch and to include my dinner… I went to the Supermarket and there i thought of what to cook until i decided to cook menudo. I bought the ingridients and proceeded at home…

Here’s how i did it, my style:


1/4 pork

1/4 liver

3 pcs Hotdog

1 regular size carrot

2 Regular size potato

1 bell pepper

2 Tomatoes

Garlic and Onions

Saute the pork together with the liver, tomatoes, bellpepper until the meats are cooked. Then add the vegetables. add some spices to taste… that’s it… hmmmmmm delicious!

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    Ulam ba yan bro o pulutan….sarap!!! hehehe

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