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An early Christmas gift from the nicest if not the kindest BROTHER (KUYA) in the whole wide world! hehehehhe He’s back from Canada and guess what he gave me as ‘pasalubong’…. the CREATIVE ZEN that i have been desiring to buy. I like it better than iPod, i don’t know why.

I’ve been using my new CREATIVE ZEN as a voice recorder in the lectures of the Reviewers in UP Law Center, and listen to it afterwards, this cannot be done by iPod Nano. Meaning, I’m not using it solely for MP3′s or Video streaming, or storing photos, it has it purpose academically.

the problem is, i have a sensitive sense of hearing, i cannot tolerate a prolonged sound in my ear, it will either hurt for a while or hear something buzzing.

anyways, thanks BIG BROTHER for the early Christmas gift, CREATIVE ZEN, its one of my UNPUBLISHED Christmas Gift/wish list… hehehe even though i told you that i will pay you from the “earnings” that I will have in my ad sense hahaha… i dont know when will i earned 80 bucks from it. Up to date, for One and half months, I only have $1.40 in my adsense.. hehehhe

(sana hwag mabasa ni ate lois… hehehe)

Thanks kuya!

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  1. Elizar says:

    hehehe, walang internet, di mababasa.. ;)

    you’re welcome, no prob.. ;)

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