My New Baby

2008 Honda CRV

Good news seemed endless, this is the happiest semester in my whole law school life. I passed all the difficult subjects that I hardly imagined that I will pass. The last subject that I have been waiting for the result came to me when i went to school, and the registrar personnel told me that I passed Atty. Francis Sababan’s TAxation!

Another good news was when i went home in bulacan after two weeks stay in manila, and to see that my mom had bought a new 2008 HONDA CRV , and she told me that technically that will be mine! wahahahahah! I can bring it here in manila, in one BIG condition, provided i have a parking space! She got that for my graduation!

Year 2004, my mom promised me a car if I get myself in law school, but then i reach my senior year, still i can’t see even the shadow of that “car” hahaha… Now that iam about to graduate, she bought one! I just need to find a new place where there is a parking space available so that i can bring it here in manila. Borrowing a friend’s statement “I would have to find myself and my new baby a “room” so that we can be together here in Manila!” :)) hahahah

Thanks mom!

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12 Responses to My New Baby

  1. ian says:

    i dont know y u show ds blog 2 me,,hehehe,but den, watever reason it be,, congartz sau,,, nice blog! tc…

  2. Charlie Sarmiento says:

    congratz dude!
    u really deserved more than that!
    please keep it up, for all the people who beleive and love you, especially your mom!
    GOD BLESS u always!

  3. Charlie Sarmiento says:

    incase u have case u have chance to msge me on my mobile,
    here’s my no# pare ko +97150 1357197
    ingat ka lage & gudluck uli.

  4. Rod says:

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… jelly ako panget hehehehe..

    Pero ayos lang kc yan ang pangsusundo mo sa akin pag uwi ko dyan, kundi I will used all all my connection in LTO para lang ma cancel yang licensed mo at ng indi ka makapagdrive tingnan ko lang hahahahahahaha

    Congrats panget!

    See you soon!


  5. einnod says:


    ganda ng baby mo!

  6. scorpionights2005 says:

    Wow!!! That’s nice and I think you really deserve it knowing how hardworking and studious you are…tara na saan ang lakad?….hehehe bagay na bagay sa iyo bro!!!


  7. dennis says:

    hhahaha salamat!!! ummm… san kaya maganda pumunta

  8. yayanne says:

    wow!!! nice car!!! my dream to drive! you deserved it nmn! how much more kya if you passed the Bar Exam!! maybe a trip to USA!!! hehehe. pasakay pg-uwi ko ha!:-)

  9. scorpionights2005 says:

    Tamang tama ang dating ng baby mo bro pababa na presyo ng gasolina…kaya lang ang gatas may melamine…hehehe

    kahit saan basta may mamam at kantahan….hahaha

  10. Elizar says:

    no way?! Bakit ganon?! nsan ung sakin?! Heheh

    so, technically, syo pala ko magpapaalam/manghihiram dahil ung 47″ HDTV ko dumating na, nasa office mate, kukunin ko.. hehehe

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  12. mrs lazaro says:

    Akala ko kung anong baby… un pala kotse…
    call kita kapag pauwi ako para may ibang wheels na susundo sa akin… hehehe… papasalubungan kita ng DATES… At BUHANGIN ng UAE…

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