My Funny Valentines

So what if its valentines day? So what if i was in school and attending lectures. So what if there were lovers everywhere having their moments in valentines day? Whatever. I don’t care. hahahah

This year’s valentines for me was somewhat unusual… .. unique. Unexpected, yet exciting.

I received many gifts today… chocolates and stuff toy, weird huh?! hahahaha… Few years back, i was the one who gave out gifts to people. But this year is different. I dunno what happened. One moment there they were..

Weird. But invigorating. That soul probably do really care for me. This is the first time I received gifts from someone on Valentines Day.

I Didn’t go out. I just stayed at home, and attended class that day. I don’t usually go out on Valentines Day, and its better that way, to avoid those lovers everywhere and sympathize my self. Was that the real reason, or was I just been bitter, resentful? hehehe.. maybe because, most of the Valentines Days I was loveless… and i already get used to in being alone and spend the day at home, watch DVD if not studying.

What ever the reason maybe, I think Valentines Day is overrated. There’s nothing important on Valentines Day. You can always show to your love ones how special and how much you love them everyday, not just on valentines day. You will just make the your neighbor flower shop richer. hahahah.

Its not that im against Valentines Day, I just don’t like whats happening around me every 14th of february. People expect too much! They are so affected! I dont like it. They expect too much that their partner, lover, suitor will take them out for a date TOGETHER WITH OTHER LOVERS outside, when you can do the same days before valentines day or after that… why choose 14th!!

So what if you are loveless. So what if you don’t have a date. So what if no body gave you flowers, chocolates or stuff toys. So what. You still have your friends and families. Share your love to them.

PS.. … Don’t worry, I’ll ask you for a date sometime, BUT not on valentine’s day…. hehehh

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  1. Freelancer says:

    Wahahahahehehehehehehe….. who is that???? yeehee..kakakilig, kakainggit ;p

    hahaha…can’t stop giggling dude. I’m happy for you. yey!

    I stayed at home during vday, I was 2 go hom sa province but I decided to lock mahself up in mah room. My parents were so darn worried, they wanted to go back home to manila and sunduin ako. wahahaha…laugh at me bro.hehe. I watched ‘A walk to remember’ alone, cried (haha), i like clean anadulterated films, then by ten pm i went out, treat myself at jollibee sta.mesa..wahahaha and bought a bbq. Ate and ate and ate to diminish the melancholic mood. But by Sunday, I went home to Cavite though I dnt want to coz some church members invited my ex to attend the binyag at pinag-partner pa kame. Infuriating. He did not come. yeyeyey! But guess what?weehee haha. I received flowers too from my students!!!! The flowers were fake coz im allergic to pollen grains and no chocolates coz im allergic to that too. haha yehey! weee! haha and my guy students and bro sang love songs for me so masaya na ko but i still dnt like Vday!!!grrrrr!

    I’m happy for you and for that person na you’d be asking on a date sometime..hahaha… oh boy..mababawasan na kaming singles.. Thank you for this blog. Like it!!

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