My Friend’s Birthday Celebration

It was a rainy wednesday, it went to SM Megamall to meet up my college friends and celebrate Kristine’s 26th birthday. Her birthday was on September 30, but we celebrated it October 1st, its a regular Holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan.

Kristine (tin-tin) and I saw each other in Powerbooks, and as usual, Marvin (a.k.a Bentot)was late again…

We had difficulty deciding where to eat and finally, after a long argument between Bentot and Tin-tin, they finally came to an agreement that we will have our dinner in Sbarro and then Marvin will treat us in Seattle’s Best for a coffee.

As what friends do when they see each other again after a long period of time,we chatted, tell stories about anything and teased each other. Picture taking took part after eating dinner and even making fun of the person behind Marvin. We proceeded in Seattle’s Best for a Frap, there we continued chatting, and even met up Marvin’s personal friend and introduced the same to us.

Since they still have work the next day, we went home early around 10:30 in the evening.

See more picture of this celebration at my multiply site

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