My First Day on Review Class

This is it, it’s official, I will attend an advance bar review in University of the Philippines. Sad to say, I havent’t read the materials given to me yesterday because I am still busy reviewing for my Taxation Final Exam this coming sunday. It felt like i was back in grade school wherein i was nervous for my first day in Law Review class… I dunno the reason, because i know that there’s no reason at all why i should be nervous, it’s just a review class.

around 2:30 in the afternoon, i left off to school. Rode the LRT off to Katipunan and rode in the jeep going to UP Campus. I arrived around 3:30pm thinking that I still have 30 minutes for the class to start. But to my surprise, I was already late. It appeared that there was a change in schedule., wherein the 4pm to 9pm class was moved to 2pm class to 9pm. I have no choice but to enter and and cope up with the lectures.

After the first break of the 7 hours lecture, I received a good news that i passed my final examination and pass the subject in my Commercial Law Review , i didn’t just got 75, but i got 84 instead!! hahahah . Whew! what a relief! At last! 2 subjects to go.. i hope i passed them too!

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