My Brother’s Wedding

Last December 7, 2008, my older brother (Diko) got married at the age of 27 with a girl from Pampanga. The Ceremony and Reception were held in Ribeye Function Hall just beside PAGCOR, Casino Filipino.

What can i say? Iam the last and remaining bachelor in the family. My eldest Brother got married when he was 27, my Diko is 27, and now, I am 25… there seems to be a trend in the age of settling down; but I think i have break that inclination, because Iam not yet planning to get married in the near future. Im still enjoying being a bachelor. Probably my two brothers didn’t enjoyed much the life when they were single so they decided to get wed in their 20′s, as compared to the enjoyment I am having now as a bachelor. Maybe they don’t see much of a difference between their life as unattached and married. Maybe they didn’t experienced something different, the “real” life of an unattached individual. I dunno, but my thinking now is that Real life may refer to those lifestyle that you can do anything that you like without any worries that somebody (partner, wife) is waiting for you. life that have no expectations and no reservations at all.

As mom said, I was the only child that was able to be free when I was studying. I’ve done so many things, been in places, experienced things that my other siblings failed to be acquainted. That made me different from my other brother and the reason for the different perspective in life. Be that as it may, I cant see any regret from my brothers on the life that they chose now. They are now happily married and being a good father to their children. As for me, Im just enjoying so far being an uncle for my 3 nephews and a niece, and another to go from my newly wed brother. I’ll have my own soon, but not now or in the near future.

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