My Boracay Adventure

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IMG_1790Looking back in my previous posts about Boracay Beach Resorts, I finally witnessed how beautiful Boracay beaches are!

Although I did not stay in the most expensive hotel, I still enjoyed my stay in Boracay Beaches!

IMG_1702I had my many firsts in my trip to boracay…. my first time in Boracay Island/beach, my first time to fly, my first time to get deaf (literally)

It was October 15, 2009. We were supposed to board the plane around 730 am, but due to multiple delayed totaling to almost 6 hours, we finally left Manila.

My first air plane experience was memorable even though it was not with Philippine Airline or Cebu Pacific, still, it was a moment to be treasured.

Now that I’ve been in Boracay, witnessing the magnificent beauty, the sands, the waves, I doubt if I will be ever satisfied when I will be in other beaches in the Philippines. I am not a beach person, but i really enjoyed the days that i was in the water…

My friends and I did ride the ATV (All terrain Vehicle), where my friend “Hero” had an accident, he fell on the terrain, thanks God that the injuries were not serious…
We did some island hopping and went diving to see the corals… it was overwhelming!

At night, Party seemed to be endless… Bar hopping, party here, party there… Drink here, drink that… I love it!

Another friend celebrated his birthday in Boracay…
after the 4 days and 3 nights stay in Boracay, we finally went back in Manila.

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  1. chuva says:

    kainggit naman. :) nice trip!

  2. yanne says:

    wow! i wish i could visit there also!

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