My Best So Far

I just had my Final Exam In Remedial Law Review under Atty. Ferdinand Tan,  from 10 o’clock in the morning until 12:30 in the afternoon. In my four years and a half in Law School, this is the far most hardest, if not the most difficult, subject that i have been encountered. I think its because i have a very weak foundation on most of the Subjects covered by Remedial law, such as Rule on Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Special Procedure. I really dont have much of a problem when it comes to the Rule On Evidence, because i have been under Atty. Tan himself in that subject, who where very extensive in his way of teaching.

I had more than a week preparation in my final exam in Remedial Law and i think that wasn’t enough. A week before the examination, Atty. Tan returned to us the result of our midterm exams. I cannot say that i did good because i just got a raw score of 69 (“baliktaran’), where the passing score was 75. But my brother in the fraternity and other friends who already taken up that subject and passed the same told me that i did great (during their time 72 was the highest, that’s how difficult and strenuous Atty. Tan’s exams were). Having that grade, i really inculcated in my mind that i will strive for a higher score this time to assure my passing. I cannot afford to fail in this subject because its so burdensome, tough, and arduous.

This is the longest preparation i had in a single subject… and the most focused that i have ever been. I hope i will and can maintain the same attitude for the review proper…

then, there i was, almost late for the exam, the questionnaire was about to be distributed, but still i was on time.

BOOM! first question…. i dunno :( but its okay, its just one point, i still have 99 more to gain.

I tried to answer as far as i could… i don’t like to repeat what happen last time that i wasn’t able to finished the whole exam, time constraint. Because, as always, Atty. Tan’s exams are quite long. Its good that can recall most of what i studied, i had a continuous way of answering most of the objective questions. But when i reached the problems… there, im not sure if i answered the right remedy :( which is which, this or that.

I am not expecting that i will Aced it, nor achieve a score of above 75… but its okay for me to have a grade of 60-74, for that grade would give me a passing mark on my final grade… because there is still a class recitation to be considered, and i think i did good on that standing… I hope i can make it. I hope the next time i will see Atty. Tan is during the pre-week lecture for the Bar Examination and not in Remedial Law Review Class.

Until next time, Atty. Ferdinand Tan!

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  1. Nessun Dorma says:

    That’s nothing! Kayang kaya mo yan! aral lang ng aral! :)

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