Movie Time

I’ve been planning to blog about this movie and other stuffs few days ago (if not weeks), but then i still cannot find time to do it. Been busy and preoccupied in my readings and review classes. Though I cannot say that i really don’t have a life anymore due to my studies, because i still find time to relax and unwind.

Seeing a movie once in a while is enough to relieve my self from those monotonous routine of mine. I prefer watching movies on Last full show (LFS), maybe because i allocate my daytime in my reviewing, and night time is the time to relax… isn’t it? heheheh… and another reason is that in LFS, i don’t fill the rush, the intense or being anxious of going home and read again, all I know is that, right after the movie, I’ll go home and rest my ass out and feel the warmth of my bed.

I am having hesitations in divulging this informations because i know that my brother always read my blog, and he will eventually find out that I go out and go home late night and been somewhere unfamiliar to him, and probably relay the same to my mom. I can already hear them say that “mag aral ka, hindi puro lakawatsa” hahahaha… excusez-moi! im studying everyday, from morning until midnight or past midnight (sometimes), give me time to relax, ok? i need it. Its a pamper to look forward to, after a week of dedication – a consolation for my self. here it goes… its been a habit now of watching movies in Eastwood Movie House, not because its a place where “sosyal” people go, but its the place where my friends wanted to watch. I can’t blame them, it is indeed comfortable watching there, not to mention that there are lots of stunning, striking, goodlooking, dazzling people there, hahaha…

When I watched the movie “The Curious case of Benjamin Button” starring Brad PItt, a two and a half grueling hour movie. I think it was almost 2am when i arrived home after that movie. Thats when I saw Sunshine Dizon and Ms. Angelica Panganiban who was so angelic and so pretty in person, though she was not that tall. The movie was great, however, i was bothered because i was controlling my self not to to go to comfort room. It was so cold and i forgot to bring my jacket, nature was calling me, hahahha…

then, last weekend, I had the chance to watch “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” – this is not your Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman’s Underwolrd, though i thought that time it was their’s, that’s why i decided to watch it instead of Jim Carey’s “Yes Man” and the Chick Flick “Bride Wars” . It was entertaining, but it was not that good. If you already seen, the original underworld, you already know whats going to happen in the part 3. Not really your money’s worth. just go buy a DVD in quiapo, hahahhaa… Anyway, Actor Polo Ravales and other commercial model-turned actor was there too, but i dont know his name… hehehheh

(EDIT this some other time, im in a hurry.. hahahhah)

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  1. Freelancer says:

    I’ve seen Benjamin Button too… weird movie but the writer’s mind fascinates me. Whoever thought of being born backwards? Aztig….How bout slumdog millionaire? You’ve seen it? Ciao!

  2. Freelancer says:

    I gave Bride wars 3 stars, not because I think it was great but because it was light..the type of movie you want to watch when you don’t want to think :-) It’s just that I like Hudson esp. the way she speaks, her tone of voice and her boyish acting. Ok, I’m no lesbian, just boyish :-) Seen Eagle eye? the movie is like the game ‘simon says’ about bolt?? :-) I couldn’t afford going to east wood, as a matter of fact I’ve never been to that place were dazzling celebrities go. Quiapo is fine with me…haha I like sarah geronimo more than angelica panganiban…hahaha….

  3. Freelancer says:

    Just being bluntly honest?hahaha, I don’t like A. P….angelic face, right…just the face maybe. Oh boy…this is libel? Anyway, I forgot the elements of libel…who cares.. freedom of speech…or maybe im just plain jealous..wahahaha….

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