Moment of Truth

the long wait was finally over. Six (6) months had passed since the Bar Exam, and now the bar exam result is here already. I was feeling normal while waiting for the result.¬† Time came so fast that and I was so busy working, I didn’t realize that I should be nervous for the result.

I was outside¬† the Office for a whole week attending a Financial Investigative Training sponsored by the Philippine Anti-Graft Commission (PAGC) and conducted by Art Mendez of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), when the Bar Exam result was scheduled to be released. It was scheduled on a tuesday, but was was finally moved Friday that week. Every participants wished me good luck after the training. Curiously, I was still feeling normal. I even had the courage to sing Black-eyed-pea’s “I gotta Feeling”…. I gotta feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a goodnight! that tonight gonna be a good good night!

I used all the courage I got and decided to go to the Supreme Court and wait there for the result, I was accompanied by a brother in the fraternity who was also waiting for the result of the bar. For the first time in the last six months, I felt that I was intense, and somewhat nervous. My boss met me up in the Supreme Court and waited with me. From the original scheduled released of 6pm, the result was finally revealed around 10 pm! My heart was pounding so hard and fast! I thought I flunked! until I was told that I was looking at the wrong monitor. I was the longest and most intensed five (5) minutes for me. I can feel my heart pounding so fast as each name in the monitor were shown. At last! my name came! 996. PALAD, DENNIS M.!!!

I screamed! shouted! I cursed! I Jumped! over and over and over! until i cried so hard and called my mother to deliver the good news! The happiest day so far in my life!

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