Merry Christmas (2008)

its christmas time once again, time flies so fast that another year has come to an end. When December comes, people come to think of their bonuses and 13/14th month pay, and the idea that they have to spend again so much for their godchildren, friends and families for gifts and other appreciation.

Its been a sort of a tradition in my family to give and exchange gifts to our parents, brothers, sister, in-laws, nephews and niece; so when Christmas drawn nearer, each of us had our own shopping to make. It does not necessarily be expensive or extravagant, just the thought/idea of gift giving and sentiment that really matters most.

on my part, it was a long gift-finding days for me. Its not that i made my shopping for gifts for only a day, but it took me more than 4 days for it, not consecutive days though, just cumulative. Its not that i have too much days to spend for gift shopping, but rather i just inserted them in my itinerary (studying most of the time) I’ve been in Divisoria night market, in Greenhils,¬† The Block, and Trinoma just to find the appropriate and less expensive gift i can find hahahahaha…

AS for my self, a bought a new Adidas Running shoes courtesy of my Dad. I bought it in Trinoma together with the Memo Shirt that I bought on credit that I used in my Brother’s wedding. Too many people were in Divisoria night market that made my shopping for gift difficult, so, i wasn’t able to complete my shopping list and decided to finish them some other time but no longer in Divisoria. In Greenhills, i didnt find something that fits my taste but i bought Quickly¬† instead and went in the toy store.

The other day, I went in The Block and Trinoma for the final shopping for my mom’s, nephew’s, sister-i-laws’ gift. I tried to wrapped up the gifts while watching House on DVD, but i did not seal them right away because i already anticipated that they will still be inspected in LRT. We don’t usually have Noche Buena, but still my mom prepared something incase we decided to eat on Christmas eve. But then, as expected, most of them got tired and sleepy and decided to sleep instead and just have it on breakfast.

The main event on our family on christmas day is the gift giving, most especially for our young ones, my nephews and neice (2 nieces next christmas). They were excited unwrapping thier gifts. AS for me, I received gifts from my brothers, sister, and sister-in-laws, and my cousin too! We went to visit my grandparents both side of my parents.

Actually, Its already been a tradition for me/us to celebrate Christmas even though I no longer have to celebrate it because of my religious belief, but then, its really not anymore the usually idea that i/we tried to celebrate, but the memory that we have to built for our kids and families. Its the satisfaction and excitement  to see my nephews and neice (AND my children in the future) in receiving and opening gifts. When time comes that my siblings and I are a little older, I hope this tradition still continues, until we have our own grandchildren.. aahhahahaha

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  1. Elizar says:

    …of course we will! ;-)

  2. What exactly is your religious belief? :-)

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