Love in the Time Of Cholera

How long will you wait for love? – a question that has been running in our mind when we are caught up in a whirl wind of unparalleled love.

Shoot me in the Heart. I will be glad to know that I died because of love.

During my Christmas Vacation, and while i was studying in my bedroom, i’ve been downloading a couple of movies both old and new, in an anticipation of watching them everynight before i go to bed and taking my rest. Looking up in the series of movies released in 2003-2008, i was able to find at least ten (10) films to download. On of which is the movie Love in the Time of Cholera. I know ive heard this movie before and had an idea that this had been an adaptation of a famous novel which traddles the line between pop and art, and manages to be both a bestseller and a literary masterpiece.

Only Last night, that i had the chance to watch this movie, a two-hour movie. In the complex, magical and sensual city of Cartagena, Colombia, a man waits over fifty years for his one true love. As a young man in 19th-century Colombia, Florentino Ariza, a poet and telegraph clerk, discovers his life’s passion when he sees Fermina Daza through the window of her father’s villa. Through a series of passionate letters, Florentino gradually awakens the young beauty’s heart, but her father is furious when he learns of the affair, and vows to keep them apart forever. As the years go by, Fermina marries the sophisticated aristocrat Dr. Juvenal Urbino, who has brought order and medicine to Cartagena, stemming the waves of cholera that mysteriously besiege the city. He sweeps her away to Paris for years, and when they start their lives together back in Cartagena, she has all but forgotten her first love. But Florentino has not forgotten her. Now a wealthy ship-owner, Florentino beds hundreds of women as he tries to get over his undying passion.. His heart is patient, and he will wait a lifetime for the chance to be with her again.

the movie was ok. Is love a disease, as Marquez possibly wanted us to believe? Maybe, but in the case of this adaptation, it’s more of a laughing sickness. Sometimes you’re watching a bad movie, and you’re like, ‘Well, I’m still entertained,’ so I’m recommending it on that sort of level. The film is not boring, considering the simple, tried and true forbidden romance story.

Weirdly proposing sexual excess as the cure for unrequited love, the film has sad sack protag Florentino drowning his sorrows in an endless round of quickies with 623 faceless babes in heat. Well, in the veracity, most of the people do not, inevitably, do it to overwhelm thier sorrows, but instead they find enjoyment and satisfaction in hopping from one bed to another.

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  1. ~Quickies? :-) The end-result of which is still a broken heart and lost dignity. I guess, nowadays, you just get it for free but later on still end up lonely, alone and incomplete. Is there even full satisfaction in all these?

    ~ Waiting patiently for true love to come…. does something like that even exist in our time? I don’t mean to be cynical or pessimistic but I’m just wondering if such beliefs are for real or maybe I just stopped believing when my heart started turning calloused or maybe I just don’t want to think about it…hehe :-D

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