Looks can be deceiving… take a bite!

They say that “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, it may look good in the outside but bad in the inside or the other way around. When it comes to food, does a good presentation follows that it tastes good as well? or either satisfying? I had to share this to with  you…

After my professor failed to appear in class (again and again), my friend decided to eat somewhere that is new in our taste. While trying to find that particular place, we came across this food shop called “Sanfo Treats”,  The Original Caramel Apple. I admit, the apples looks good covered in chocolates and other varieties of design that looks good as well in the eye. Sire, my friend, decided to buy 2 and gave to me the other one (she bought one for her food review), then we proceeded to find a place to eat.

At home, while i was in front of my at computer “plurking” (plurk.com), i remembered this candy apple that Sire bought, and decided to eat it… …

OMG! as in Oh my Gosh!…

you will like this Candy Apple if:

1. you like sweets

2. you like sweetssss

3. you like sweeeeettttttss

4. you like to eat apples

5. You don’t care about your teeth

6. you like it messy

what’s with the drastic comment you may ask. Well, first, it’s just an apple covered with caramel and chocolates. Second, the caramel-chocolate cover will fall-off, then just eat the apple alone without the cover chocolates. Third, its messy to eat. Fourth, you’ll hurt your self… why?  my  tooth aches right after i ate that darn caramel, i should have just bought a plain apple instead.. huhuhuhu  :((

YEAH, it really looks good… for display only, i dare u to eat it.

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