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I am new in this blogging thing, i often asks my brother ELI , who is now in Canada, on how this thing works, e.g. how to get traffic on my site, how to optimized keywords and the like. One day, when i was chatting with him and asking few questions about blog, he send me this file thru ym titled Guerilla Strategy. He said that i should read it again and again until i fully understand it.

There i was, going over the the PDF file, looking over on the about the Author’s page, Zigfred Maceren Diaz, i discovered that he was a Lawyer and co-authored the book Lex Pareto Notes, a Law Book Reference for Law Students and Reviewees. Being curious as always, right after my haircut, i proceeded in National Bookstore to see if they have a stock of the book.

I asked for an assistance and showed me where it was located. Too bad for me, they don’t have a complete set of the Book (Consisted of 4 volumes, corresponding the 4 Sundays of the Bar Examination), so I just went over on what was available, which was Book II for Civil Law and Taxation (2nd sunday of the Bar Exam), i found it quite good and helpful for my preparation for the Bar Exams and i decided to buy it, the price is affordable. Too bad, again, i don’t have cash with me… luckily my mom gave me an extension of her credit :D

I’ll just going to buy the complete set of the Lex Pareto Note in Conanan’s Bookstore if i have time.

Thanks Zigfred Diaz!

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4 Responses to Lex Pareto Notes

  1. utube says:


    you’re getting used to this blog thing… you’re learning/knows the value of links!

    Know other bloggers too. Exchange links with them. Make your blog known… tama ba? :)

  2. dennis says:

    tama? ewan ko ba, di kopa alam eh.. hehe… after exams ko nalng i-explore.

  3. Zigfred says:

    Thanks for the review ! More power to your blog and to your law studies as well :-)

  4. Atty. Diaz? My professor in LTD??? :-)

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