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Job Interviewlate morning of Tuesday around 11am, I was awaken by a phone call. However, since the number did not register in my contacts,  I did not answer it and I just let it end ringing and put my phone on silent mode. But then, I was awaken again because of the vibration. Thinking that it was important, I answered it anyway.

The caller on the other line was an HR trying to conduct a phone interview. It was regarding my job application as a legal researcher in a legal service outsourcing company, handling United States cases. AT first she asked me some personal questions regarding my educational background, previous employment and work experiences even my expected salary. After asking questions, it was her turn to talk about the company I was applying for. But because I was still in a sleepy mode, I was not able to understand most of what she was saying. She was like voice record, speaking so fast and ignoring her comma and period!And for me, she was just babbling, saying gibberish words. And when she was finished, I just said ok, and she even asked me if i get it, I just said yes… I didn’t want her to repeat them.

She asked me for my convenient time the next day for my initial interview, I told her around 10am. And there she is again, speaking so fast and I didn’t get the address she mentioned! But this time she didn’t asked me if I got it, and she just hang-up the phone. So, I just checked my application in Jobstreet and there I found the address.

However, midnight of the same day, while I was harvesting my Farm Town in Facebook, I received a message requesting me to drop by in MMDA office to fill-in a Personal Data Sheet (PDS), submit my requirements, and have my schedule for the examination. So, I decided to decline the invitation for an initial interview and went instead in MMDA. I told the HR that due to family emergency, I will not be able to appear for the interview. This was the second instance that I rejected an invitation for an interview, the first one was for the position of Legal Assistant for Hyatt Industrial Corp.

I was endorsed for a position in MMDA as Legal Assistant for the Legal Director, so i am hoping that I will be spending my few months in the legal services of MMDA while waiting for the 2009 Philippine Bar Exam result.

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  1. …ignoring the commas and periods huh> :)

    anyway, sayang naman… inentertain mo na.. sure hire naman sa MMDA eh.. tsk, sayang..

  2. hannah says:

    Have you tried applying for NBI? :-) That would be my top choice upon graduating and taking the bar. One of the Requirements for being an NBI Agent is that you must be a lawyer. They could assign you in the operations and you may also do legal/paper work but that’s if you’re into so much criminal investigation. It’s kinda unique being a policewoman and lawyer at the same time, though risky and dangerous. They’d teach you all the technicalities during the 3 months training, like firing a gun, psych war, other mental/intellectual tests.

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