jatujak, thai food

Jatujak, Thai Food

It was sunday, i was in megamall and buying a reviewer while waiting for my friend,when a strong rain came. So we decided to have our late lunch there instead. Having a hard time where and what to eat,we came across this place called JATUJAK, a place where a Thai food is their specialty.

JATUJAK is a place in Thailand. Chatuchak (or Jatujak) weekend market in Bangkok is the largest market in Thailand, and largest of the world. Frequently called J.J., it covers over 35 acres (1.13 km²) and contains upwards of 15,000 stalls. It is estimated that the market receives between 200,000 and 300,000 visitors each day. Most stalls only open on Saturdays and Sundays. The market offers a wide variety of products including household items, clothing, Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts, collectibles, foods, and live animals.

The first thing you notice when you entered Jatujak is the colorfully designed walls with a touch of Thai artistry. The main counter is decorated with bottles of Thai spices mimicking the street markets in Bangkok City. The predominantly lavender colored theme suits well with the authentic Thai food that is being served in Jatujak, paradise Philippines

Im not really familiar with Thai foods, but friend does, so i let him ordered the food for us.

He ordered Spicy Tom Yum and spicy chicken curry. Serving was fast. The food was soooo HOT! Spicy! but superbly delicious.. hehehe.. (exaggerated!)

as u sip the soup of Tom Yum, it seems that the spicyness scuff off your throat, in a good way. I often eat chicken curry, but this one is different, it’s so spicy! I enjoyed the luscious and strong taste. He even joked that i will smell like our food for the next few days… For real?

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  1. Elizar Palad says:

    this was last sunday? Kami naman, we had chinese food! Chowking kami sa lagro, papuntang SM fairview.. :D

    Ang lakas nga ng ulan, pupunta sana kami Avilon zoo.. di ka umuwi eh.

  2. dennis says:

    umuwi naman ako ah, late nga lang :D

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