Its My Birthday

Birthday Party

I’m not getting any younger. though i feels like im only 21, but i have to accept the fact that i’m already 26… even though i look like 18.. hahahhah :D

Pay the prize of being friendly and lovable… hahahah… I have to celebrate my birthday not just once, not twice but three times! I had a pre-birthday celebration last February 21 in Lancaster Suites in Shaw Boulevard… I celebrated my birthday together with two other birthday celebrants, Sis Mean and Brod. Franck, my brod and sis in the Fraternity. A couple of brods and sis in the fraternity came and even our already Lawyer sis came.

I came early in the Hotel, room 3100, because I was told that i have to help out in the cooking, but it turned out that we just have to buy food outside. It was hard to decide what to buy or what to eat, until I was sooo hungry already. We just bought some food in Goldilocks and Red Ribbon then went back in the hotel.

After eating, its time to sing our lungs out! hehehhehe…. while doing so, we were drinking as usual. I can’t remember the last time I drank a hard liquor, and i can’t remember the last time i was slightly intoxicated.. hehhehhehe.. i admit, i missed that kind of feeling… hahahhaah.

We chatted and even asked advise from Attorney Rochelle about the bar exam, for preparations and other stuffs. Too bad, i had to go home early… I was having fun.

I went home in Bulacan that sunday, I was supposed to ask our Maid to prepare something to eat to share with my siblings. But then i came home late, so it did not prosper. My Diko (older brother) was not at home and even my Sister, so I went to my eldest brother’s house and stayed there. And we decided to bet in the lottery.

It was my first time to Bet in the lottery. The queue was long that we have to wait for a few minutes to have our turn to bet. I didn’t know what to do. I was just supposed to bet in one combination, but then I forgot to void the rest of the slot, so i paid a total of 4 combinations. I didn’t expect to win the lottery, but it will be sooo nice if i did. NOt bad for a first timer, But i was able to get 3 of 6 combinations. how much was that worth? I think it’s 120? hehehheeh

My birthday came, February 24. Of course I have to celebrate it again. I had dinner in Crocodile Grill in Greenbelt together with some special friend/s. And while waiting for the 8:30 showing of the movie, we stayed and played for a while in Timezone. We watched “Confession of a Shopaholic” . The movie was not bad at all, though not that good also, but it was entertaining :D

after watching… we were supposed to go to another set of friends in Legarda, Manila, but unfortunately I had to postponed it because one of my friend was confined in the hospital and he requested that i should drop by when he is already discharged.

I came home early around 11:00pm, and prepared my things.

There was a post birthday celebration that weekend with another set of friends, rolly and bon. We just had coffee at starbucks and had a few drinks in Club Indios Resto BAr. I was fun. I went home around 5am.

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  1. Rock Band says:

    5am huh? tsk tsk.. :)

  2. dennis says:

    minsan lang naman… hahahah :D birthday ko nman eh!

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