I Needbang! Bang me if you can

Needbang, Bang-needbang-need


shoot it! stick it! dump it! needbang right now!!
What is needBang all about? is it about fire arms? an over night success or jackpot? an instantaneous good news? or an actress who need a Big Bang in her career in a Big Bang Movie? I have a different idea in mind.

I needbang! bang me in the head! i have been reading so many review handouts and reviewers and i think they are no longer sticking in my mind. I needbang in the head, shake it, wiggle it, twist it until a space will be created to put in new additional knowledge.

what is a Bang? Bang is somewhat a sound that we hear when a pistol is fired? A sound produced when an object made a quick and sudden impact to another object.

So, why do i NEEDBANG? well, to create additional space in my head hahaha!!!

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