How to Cook Sinigang na Bangus

Excerpt from the NIDO Commercial, “Sorry na ha… I got stinky, I got Dirty… but see I learned!”

It was Sunday, since i no longer have a regular class every Sunday morning, I decided to spiced up my day a little, and have something home cooked for lunch.

I went to the supermarket and bought ingredients for my first “Sinigang na Bangus”… hahahah

Even though i didn’t have the complete ingredients, i managed to come up with a superb result.. (LOL)

this is how i DID it, to wit:

1. Put all together the ingredients to a pan (the ingredients i bought that day)

  • sliced Milk fish (bangus)
  • radish
  • tomatoes
  • gabe (that’s it)

2. when its already boiling, i put 1 piece of tamarind broth cube on it.

3. Other spices and mixtures to taste…

4. put the talbos

Thats it! Delicioso! I already have Viand for lunch and dinner.. hahahaha

Then, I went to my Taxation Review Class around 4:30 in the afternoon, until 8:30 in the evening.

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8 Responses to How to Cook Sinigang na Bangus

  1. Fuck Word says:

    Nice post! Ayus ah.. that’s the first rule, enjoy.

    You could have made the title “How to Cook SInigang Bangus” something.. :D baka may mag search pa nun pagdating ng panahon> :D tapos body nalnag ung qoute


  2. Sonnetshaven says:

    It’s a good thing I just had my late lunch otherwise I’d be very hungry by now:) By the way, I have a question on taxes since you mentioned taxation here. Would you know what the RDO code stands for? Does it affect one’s tax exemptions in anyway? I’m curious since I’m being asked to update my RDO by this company that just hired me.

  3. dennis says:

    RDO – Revenue District Office/r… it is where you file your Tax Returns

  4. dennis says:

    personal exemptions are now fixed to 50,000 regardless of status, additional 25,000 for each qualified dependents not exceeding 4.

  5. Sonnetshaven says:

    Got it. Whose job is it to update the RDO? The employee or the company she works for?

  6. dennis says:

    If you are a plain employee, its their duty to withhold your taxes and remit the same. but your job to update them both in case of change in no. of dependents.

  7. Fuck Word says:

    F*ck word… dude, you’re blog is NoFollow links.. darn! no link juice! :D

  8. Elizar Palad says:

    nice theme ha! ;)

    very clean

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