I am Become Death

I watched last night before going to bed the latest episode of HEROES, “I am Become Death”, episode 4 season 3. I downloaded it and watched it right away :D

Last night’s time-traveling, logic-stretching episode wasn’t the best “Heroes” ever, but it was the most encouraging installment of this potholed season. I wasn’t very sure where the story is heading i am little bit confused of whats happening.. i have so many questions i mind. In this episode, we saw New York City four (4) years in the future populated by people who have used Mohinder’s formula to give themselves powers. How exciting how people can have powers of their choice. But before Future Peter can give a better explanation of why that is, Brown-Haired Claire shows up with the Haitian and shoots Future Peter. Present Peter (who I guess can now just be plain old whiny emo Peter hahahaha) escapes.

This Sylar goes by his original name (the not-coincidentally-angelic “Gabriel”), and he has put his evil on hold in order to raise his son (Noah, who was perhaps named after Mr. Bennet?). He is even being nice to Mr. Muggles, who must have some super-survival powers of his own.

Why is Sylar/Gabriel living in the Bennett’s house in Costa Verde? Who is Noah’s mother? What was behind his change of heart? These are just a few of the brain teasers raised last night, none of which were answered because Gabriel and Peter were ambushed by Daphne, Claire and Knox, and when little Noah got crushed in the melee, Gabriel exploded (literally), taking Costa Verde with him.

After allowing Angela’s half of “the formula” to be stolen, Hiro and Ando set out to uncover the identity of the Villain who hired Daphne — and must consult with the person who knows these rogues best…Adam Monroe.

I Can’t wait for the next episode! Heroes ROCKs!!

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