Hope to make it in the Finals!

This month is final Examinations month, its either you make it or brake it, cause at the end of this season every student in Law School just wanted to see a PASSED mark in their class cards (regardless of what the grade is, it doesn’t matter if it is 3.0 just as long as you passed the subject).

I went to my Taxation Review Class under Atty. Francis Sababan last Sunday, but before he conducted his class, he returned to us our midterm exams so that we can assess to our selves on how much effort should we exert on our upcoming final examination. He announced that only seven (7) out of 32 students passed his midterm exam. Of course everybody was nervous and hoping that they were one of those who passed. But before he distributed and broadcast the grade of each test booklets in the class, he announced that there is One Booklet that didn’t have a name on it, and that unnamed test booklet is one of those who PASSED!! (i undisclosed the grade).

The test Booklet was handed out to the class to determined who owned that Passed booklet, and when it reached my hand and open the first page, i just uttered “Sir, Akin po!” (MINE!), i didn’t know if I’m proud or subdued when i revealed it. Atty. Sababan just said PUT*****ng Ina, gawin mo sa BAR Exam yan! PATAY ka! (Something like that) (in his normal voice and character, nothing to get offended about)

I’m not expecting though that it would be easier for me to pass Taxation. To be honest this is my 2nd time to take this subject. Just like now, i did good in the midterm exam last semester, ranking no. 7 last time (out of 40+ students), and No. 5 this time (improving). But then, i failed last semester because i didn’t make it in the finals, even though i did well in my class-standing and midterm… Many students said, even those who already took the subject, that Atty. Sababan is a “finalist”, meaning, he only considers the final examination, he doesn’t care if you failed in the midterm as well as in the class standing (recitations) but as long as you passed his final exam, you will pass his subject.

So, i still have a week to prepare for his Final Examination. I hope this would be mylast time to take Taxation Review, but Taxation Pre-week for the Bar exam Instead.

See you in the Finals, Atty. Sababan!

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4 Responses to Hope to make it in the Finals!

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  2. jubs says:

    i know the feeling… been there =) goodluck on you finals!

  3. greenday says:

    atty. sababan by day, francis by night. magalingna mahusay pa.

  4. Atty Sababan is the best. Even after the semester is over he still calls my name. he.he. he.

    P____ina Postor, May nakasulat bang ganon . patay ang bansang ito. his favorite line….

    I failed the first time but got it the second one. You’re the best Atty Sababan. so good luck guys….

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