Happy Anniversary to me!

God is soooo Nice…

Blessed Family…

Good life…

Almost perfect Family…

I Love my life! With God by my side.

more than 5 years ago, i was just somebody who’s eyes were closed and trying not to see and ignoring the light that keeps on emerging in my shade.

I dunno, maybe because the light was really so bright that i can no longer resist it. I Came into the light.

After 5 years, here i am. God carries me where ever I go.

And what does 5 Years mean? I am ready now to accept responsibilities.

Thank you God.

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6 Responses to Happy Anniversary to me!

  1. Eli says:

    happy anniversary to what? :)

    check mo tong blog ko na to:


    code mo nakalagay jan.. iwan ko for few days, tignan mo kung may dagdag earnings..

  2. dennis says:

    anniversary as INC…. heheheh 5 years na!

  3. Freelancer says:

    :-) what responsibilities? I wanted to ask you ganu ka na katagal sa INC…this blog answered my query. Take care always Dennis. God speed.

  4. Unica says:

    ‘Jesus: Liar or Savior’(in blue color) …aztig the articles…teehee..daming magandang topics kaso hehe, saglit na rin lang ako sa net nowadays eh…finals na po kasi…

  5. Unica says:

    HHHMmmm….am I allowed to say stuff like the above typed comment? If not, kindly delete it nalang po…

  6. Unica says:

    waaahhh…daming poems! Christian poems. Forever na ba to dito?haha :-)

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