Graduation Day

At last! After 4 and a half years in Law School, i finally earned my degree in Bachelor Of Laws! :D

Last May 08, 2009, I finally went up the stage and received my “dummy” diploma! hahahha! Anyway, im just glad that my Law School Days are now over, especially the graded recitations! heheheh :D

My parents and my Kuya and Ate were with me in my graduation day. We woke up early that day around 4am, since we still have to travel from bulacan to Pasay. Im going to post some pictures when time permits me, since im soooooo busy studying / reviewing! September is so near!

I’ll jus going to post it either im my MULTIPLY account or in my FACEBOOK….

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  1. Scorpionman says:

    Congrats Bro….or should I say Attorney!!!

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