Good News So Far

My Review in University of the Philippines is going smoothly. So far i have learned so many things that i haven’t heard when i was in Law School and THANKS to my Professor in Political Law, Atty. Suarez.

During my review class, I got more excited when I learned that, so far, I passed all of my Subjects, including the most difficult subject Remedial LAw , where majority of the students failed (and i passed too in Commercial LAW, Political LAw, Civil LAw review 2). And now, im still waiting for the result of my Taxation LAw… I hope I pass…

Another thing that made my day so far is my current earning in Adsense $0.75… hahaha what an achievement for me!! hahaha… I’m doing this blogging thing for two months now… Poeple my find it time consuming and waste of time, but for me i’m getting used to this…

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  1. pOEPLE says:

    Nice one! hehehe, mali spelling ah! ano bang law graduate yan .,. *wink*

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