Give me a break

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Whew! I’m cramming! Seven (7) months to go before the Bar Exam. My calendar is in mayhem. My plan was to make the first reading of all the subject this advance review and have the third and fourth reading in the review proper. But what the heck! its been five months already but I only had 3 subjects finished (even though i know I can go easy with Labor Laws and Taxation). But then this is terrible! it’s not how its supposed to be. Five months… three subjects? how stupid am i? How sluggish and leisurely I have been! tsk tsk tsk!

I think I should sleep less.. less Nap… ahahahahha… I usually sleep from 2am to 7am, start reading by 7 while having my coffee… but unfortunately, as sleepy head as i have always been, I will take a nap again by 930am or so… eat lunch, and if im feeling diligent enough i will go to the gym.

these past few days i opted not to attend the review class in U.P., not because i already know what was being taught, but rather I always felt sleepy during class.. because the lecturer bores me. The subject is important, but then i just can comprehend it, i can’t digest it.. blame it to the lecturer, they are so boring. So, i rather make my self more productive and study the subject by my self.

Im blogging right now because I can feel that i can no longer grasp what I am reading. My subject agenda for this week: Commercial Laws… Since friday last week, I already finished Corporation Law, Insurance, Negotiable Instruments… and now Iam having a break In transportation Laws. I allot 2 or 3 days for the other Special Laws. But then, the lecture next week in U.P. is Remedial law, I better study it first and finish some other time the Other special commercial laws.

I have to go back reading… sigh…..! so tiring…
(proofread someother day)

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  1. Unica Hija says:

    Just take care of your health bro…that’s what’s more important. Include me in your prayers as well… i’ve got high fever, not sure if I could make it to class tomorrow and this sat… I would probably be transcribing notes.Blessings!

  2. Unica says:

    waaahh…lotz and lotz of cool topics here except that I don’t have too much time to read everything…

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