My friend, Rolly just arrived after a 5-day trip in Hongkong including Macau. Being a thoughtful friend as he has always been, he didn’t forget to bring me something fresh from his trip even though of small value, as the thought of being remembered what really counts the most (that’s what they say.. haha) :D

Out of his visit in Hongkong, of course first in the list is his visit in Hongkong Disney Land, and what he gave to me is a Pen, with Mickey Mouse’s face on it. Cute? its ok. At least its from Hongkong Disney Land.. ummmm i can smell the freshness of Disney land.. hahahhaha

He also gave me a Cap souvenir of his trip in Ocean Park Hongkong. He didn’t tell me much about his visit there, he only mentioned how big the aquarium was, and how scary it would be if you would fall on it hahaha. Oh, he even mentioned how big the fishes were… hahah

He was inviting me prior to his trip to come with them in Hongkong, but i just said that i busy with exams and other schools stuffs, but the truth is… how can i join them if i don’t even have a passport in the first place? what is he going to do? put me in his luggage? hahahah

Thanks Rolly!

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3 Responses to Souvenir

  1. yayanne says:

    don’t worry fren, pgblik ko dyn pinas my souvenir ka skin…ipunin ko na ung mga buhangin sa disyerto lagay ko s bote..haha! un lang kc ang best thing dito na nsa saudi ako eh.ehehehe

  2. dennis says:

    hahhaha… loka loka… camel nalng iuwi mo sa akin… hahah

  3. aaaaarghhhh! cuties oh…..esp the disney pen….ow….nice nice nice

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