Food Trip in Banchetto

Banchetto, Metrowalk

Thank God Its Friday! why so? I dunno, It just feel good to say that, as if I had a very busy and tiring week, but the truth is i was just at home studying my ass out over Law on Persons and Family Code of the Philippines, and Law on Property, Ownership, and its Modifications – covering Book I and Book II of the New Civil Code of the Philippines (NCC). I was trying to finish those two books so I can proceed reading for the coming week the Revised Penal Code covering the General Principles, Book I of the Revised Penal Code. But to my dismay, I was able to finished first Book II and started reading Book I of NCC last Thursday and I hope I can finish it this Saturday.

Night came, I dunno what came to me. Ive been reading the whole day, and decided to come along with my friend Sirelevee, whom I texted that afternoon and she mentioned that she will be in Banchetto in Ortigas to buy some ‘ensaymada’. She told me that when I decided to come along i’ll just text her. That night, I called her up in her cellular phone telling her that i’m on my way, but then she told me that she’s still in MetroWalk in Ortigas and instantly told me to drop by first there. OMG! I was just wearing a simple shirt, pants that I already wore three (3) times this week, and slippers… and she wanted me to go to MetroWalk?

Metrowalk Commercial Complex is the newest entertainment place in Pasig city located at the crossroads of Meralco and Julio Vargas Ave.

Metrowalk offers a nice variety of establishments, including bars and restaurants. For entertainment, Metrowalk also has an eclectic blend of bars to choose from. Aside from bars and restaurants, Metrowalk also have Bazaars consisting of variety of shops with an assortment of items at an affordable price. Indeed, Metrowalk is one of the colorful leisure places in town. Even though I was just simply dressed up, I did not feel embarrassed nor ashamed on how I look that night. Not that I’m being cocky, but I know that night that I can carry myself, knowing that I don’t look indigent nor beggarly looking, but looked classy or deluxe instead… in my home shirt. Haahahahh

I met sirelevee and here niece infront of Gamefrog, and ordered San Mig Light for us. When it was already passed midnight, we already proceeded in Banchetto. From Metrowalk, we walked for a couple of minutes and reached a street Full of tents. Sirelevee described the place as the Jatujak in Ortigas. This was the first time that I’ve been in Banchetto.

BANCHETTO is an italian word meaning “a feast.” BANCHETTO is NOW a SATURDAY EARLY MORNING Street Fiesta. BANCHETTO Vendors offer an array of home specialty food, Filipino delicacies, Asian food varieties, FRESH fruits, veges, meat and seafoods. Most of the food served are freshly cooked right in front of your eyes. The “BANCHETTO Saturday EARLY Morning Street Fiesta” starts from 12:01 AM and ends at 11:00 AM maximum, EVERY SATURDAY weekend, from hereon and every Saturday weekend thereafter!

I cannot decide what to eat when I was there. I bought a chocolate cake to eat at home, I bought carbonara that isn’t satisfying because it lacked the taste that is proper for a good carbonara. I was supposed to be on a diet because iam gaining weight, but then I can’t help my self to eat that night.

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2 Responses to Food Trip in Banchetto

  1. Scorpionman says:

    Metrowalk is a good place to unwind after a week of hard work and you can dress up or dress down the way you like even with in your local “tsinelas”, in shorts or in your undershirt and no one will bother you. It’s a place for all kinds and types of people. When I drink there with my friends we usually are the last people to leave the place….hahaha

    Another good place to unwind is Greenhills at the strip along Ortigas fronting Greenhills shopping center besides the parking area…with Oyster Boy and other Bars along the strip.

  2. Mindanaoan says:

    I agree with Scorpionman. Nobody will give you “the look” in Metrowalk, unless, of course, you’re naked LOL Metrowalk’s a cool place.

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