first week @ work

after so many years, It’s really time for me to grow up.. My life as a student is now finally over and now I have to stretch my bones, and work hard for a living :D Although Im still waiting for the 2009 Bar Exam result, I just cannot sit and rely upon my folks to feed me up. Besides, I have to work to have an actual experience in the Legal profession.

After few job application submissions, and invitations for interviews I finally decided to accept a job in government service, as a Legal Assistant in Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA). Although the salary is not that competitive, I still accepted the job, since to be employed in the government will not only exposed to me numerous legal related experience but also will gain the prestige in the profession.

In my first day at work, I already made my first Memorandum and drafting of complaint affidavit. On my third day, I learned how t file a complaint in court. I’ve been in four (4) different Hall of Justice in the Metro, and help assisted to file a criminal complaints in courts. Although it was tiring, I really appreciated the efforts I made to learn new stuff.

ON my second week, my boss told me that she will assign to me the task of making a pre-trial brief. That will be huge! I do hope that I will do great in making my first serious pleading….

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  1. what’s your plea? kyang kaya?

  2. Scorpionman says:

    Welcome to the real world!!! Wala ng katapusan ang trabaho, it’s for life until you retire.

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