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Enchanted_kingdomIn my 2nd week of my rest day after the bar exam, my 2nd destination for relaxation was in Enchanted Kingdom.  It was years since my last visit in Enchanted Kingdom. Looking back, my first visit was fun even though with some disaster… my brothers and I were stuck in space shuttle and was left there hanging for almost an hour.

My second visit happened to be the anniversary of Enchanted Kingdom. What can I say, Enchanted Kingdom is no longer enchanting! The place and the experience will be great on your first visit, but it will be a big disappointment on your subsequent visit. Well, if you are a kid, maybe it will make no difference.

After the long line waiting in the entrance, everything inside the kingdom will still be falling in line. There was no new ride, no new event, and even no new experience! Even the paints on the walls, infrastructure and buildings were old! It was like the same paint when Enchanted Kingdom first opened in the public way back so many years ago!IMG_2169

So, what happened when I was there? Well, same as before… same rides… but different disaster! hehehe… during the firework display, while looking up the sky watching, some fragments or whatever that was from the firecrackers, fell straight into my left eye. Lucky for me (i guess) a first aid crew was behind me, and he immediately rush me to the clinic and washed out the fragments. It was good to know that I was not in any serious condition.

IMG_2316I just hope that in years to come, Enchanted Kingdom will open a new and exciting new rides and other events that not only kids will enjoy, but as well as the adults…

Rating? 5 out of 10…. 10 being outstanding.

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2 Responses to Enchanted Kingdom

  1. yanne says:

    really! hay, it’s one of the places i’m planning to visit uli pag-uwi ko. wla pa din palang pinagbago. now i know, no need to waste time and money there.hehe.

  2. Ana says:

    Waahh. It’s one of my list aside from going to HK.

    Thanks for posting it.

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