My New Haircut

After a long hour of study for my Remedial Law Review Final Exam, boredom finally came to me, and i rather not torture my self in reading (i might get “buang” (crazy) sooner or later). Didn’t know what to do, i just decided to have my hair cut. I already planned this few days ago, but no to avail because my stylist in David’s Salon was not available that time; and i don’t want to take the risk and just let somebody touch my precious hair (lolz) and suffer two (2) months of having a hair trouble (as the usual joke goes “buhay pa ba nag gupit sa iyo?”), so i just went home and study.

BUt this time, my Stylist in David’s SAlon , Rudy, was there and was delighted to see me! harharhar… He said that its been a while since my last haircut (last two months or so).

After my hair being Cut, i cannot complaint even though i really don’t like the outcome of the service, i’ll just have to accept it, anyways, it would grow back. I gave Rudy a tip of 50 bucks and 20 to the one who assisted me. Is the Giving of a tip an obligation? A condition precedent that if you give a tip… expect in your next visit a good/better treatment or service? Or a tip signifies that we were satisfied from their work? if the latter is more true, i should not have given them a tip! hahahahah

Until next time, Rudy!

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5 Responses to My New Haircut

  1. mistubishi says:

    obligation?! No it’s not! I don’t give tips.. sorry. :D

  2. jem says:

    you neither look good nor hot, pa cute ka lang. try mo wag mapacute, pangit mo.

  3. dennis says:

    to jem: inggit ka lang. Mukha ka sigurong PAA.

  4. yayanne says:

    I like the new haircut! kw ba yan SAM???? harhar!

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