Deliberation (revalida)

at last! My oral deliberation, composing the 7 subjects in the Bar Exam, is now over! What a relief! I can now focus with review for the Bar Exam. I devoted five (5) days preparing for my deliberation. SettingĀ  aside for the mean time the review to be at least prepared to face the panelist.

In my preparation for the deliberation, i focused in Remedial Law and Civil law.

I was expecting that my favorite professor in Remedial Law, Atty. Ferdinand Tan, will be one of the panelist and i don’t want to disappoint him nor to receive any bad comments from him. Atty. Ferdinand Tan was my professor in Evidence and Remedial Law Review. So embarrassing to say that he failed me in Evidence, and when I met him again In Remedial Law review, I got nervous because of fear that I will again fail andĀ  will not graduate. it was in his subject that I really study harder. i felt somewhat happy when i received a comment from him that I improved so much .

In Civil Law, Atty Hercules Guzman has always been the panelist in that subject. HE was my professor in Succession and I was the only student he passed in that subject, and I even heard that I was also his only student that he passed even in other law schools where he was teaching (though i was not able to confirm it). That’s why he was able to know and recognized me. And the last time our path crossed in Law School, he even mentioned that “here comes my bright student”! OH my Gosh! I should not disappoint him in the deliberation, much more in Succession. Atty. Hercules Guzman is a famous professor, teaching in many Law schools in University Belt, im not sure if he’s teaching in UP

IN my dismay, i was rescheduled, conflicting my Mock Bar schedule in FEU… So I requested The Dean to enlist me in the earlier deliberation and he told me to wait and see If there will be time for me in that date.

Any way, I had my time. After the 6 candidates, my turn was up. In my dismay, Atty. Tan was not there.

Atty Festin first asked me questions regarding Remedial LAw and Criminal Law; next was

ASG Hernandez who asked me in Political LAw, Remedial Law,

Atty Guzman asked me in Civil Law, of course he started in Succession followed by Persons and Family Code;

Atty. Yambot Asked me in Labor Law

Fiscal Formoso asked me in Criminal Law

My deliberation was time pressured… I had to think fast and answer fast, and I did!

I was able to answer most of the question, failed to complete some and failed to answer the other.

What was really made my deliberation worthy was during my deliberation with atty. Hercules Guzman. His First question was in Succession! hahahah. KABOOOM! his first question… “What is the Doctrine Of Relative Revocation”? I stopped for seconds thinking… Yes! I knew it!! hahahha… I was able ti answer it. i think that was the reason he no longer asked me questions in Succession, because the subsequent questions were in Persons and family Relations.

I did well in Criminal Law and Remedial Law… Though it was a relief that my oral deliberation is finally over, though it would be more satisfying if Atty. Ferdinand Tan was there to test me up if i ready to hurdle the bar… especially in Remedial Law.. the highest bearing subject in the Bar Examination…


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  1. Scorpionman says:

    Yap that was great and good luck to you bro….You can do it…who knows you might even land in the top 10….

  2. dennis says:

    whoa! how i wish!! :D

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