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i’d like to daze away to a place no one has known in a state of mind i could call mine, that only i could own where i could hum a tune any time i choose and there’s no such thing as time where i can feel no pain, just calm and sane what a place for one to find

Enchanted Kingdom

enchanted kingdom Philippines In my 2nd week of my rest day after the bar exam, my 2nd destination for relaxation was in Enchanted Kingdom.  It was years since my last visit in Enchanted Kingdom. Looking back, my first visit was … Continue reading

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My Boracay Adventure

Boracay Beach Resort, Boracay Beach Hotels, Boracay Cheap Rooms, Boracay Cheap Hotels Looking back in my previous posts about Boracay Beach Resorts, I finally witnessed how beautiful Boracay beaches are! Although I did not stay in the most expensive hotel, … Continue reading

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Its My Birthday

Birthday Party I’m not getting any younger. though i feels like im only 21, but i have to accept the fact that i’m already 26… even though i look like 18.. hahahhah :D Pay the prize of being friendly and … Continue reading

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Movie Time

I’ve been planning to blog about this movie and other stuffs few days ago (if not weeks), but then i still cannot find time to do it. Been busy and preoccupied in my readings and review classes. Though I cannot … Continue reading

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Videoke King

Red Box, Red Tube, RedBox, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Come along join the fun join the party, take the chance sing along join the party! hahahah The Singing Bee! YES! its videoke / karaoke night once again… ! The … Continue reading

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