Busy Sunday

Its Sunday once again, so sunny and hot! Even my head was hot, I was mad, angry for reason I probably should not disclosed… hahahah :D but im ok now, pretty much okay.

I had activities lined up for my day.

First, I was able to meet Joey in SM Centerpoint from whom I borrowed a Suit for my Brother’s wedding on December, the First plan was to Buy a suit in a boutique, but i found it too expensive, the second plan was to rent but then when I asked Joey where can i rent a good suit, he offered his’. When I was fitting it at home, i don’t know if it fit me well because it looks big on me.

Second activity, I was able to buy a new bookshelf for my books and other review materials. Before, I don’t have anymore space to put my stuffs, they were everywhere!! I’ve been planning for few weeks of buying that shelf, and the only reason that was holding me before was on how will I bring that to my place.. and the cost too! hahah :D I bought also a new cabinet for my clothes. It was good that it was disassembled when I bought it and it made the same easier to bring home, and i had to assemble it my self, whew! what an effort.

Third activity. My friend was scheduled to visit me at home. For what purpose you may ask? To leave some of his stuffs. He already gave up his place in Dimasalang because he is about to leave for an employment overseas. He said that he will get his belongings as soon as he arrived back here. it includes his desktop computer, and few personal stuffs.

Fourt Activity. I was supposed to visit the salon for my haircut but something came up, i still have a visitor.. hahaha… It was supposed to be my priority, number one in the list, but sorry, i have to plan this any day next week, but not next sunday, because im going home in bulacan.

Last Activity, not the least, But this was the more exciting part… A home cooked meal! hahaha :D

Corned beef with potatoes and broccoli… yum! yum! yum! so delicious!

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