burnout? part 1

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Wikipidea defined burnout as a psychological term for the experience of long-term exhaustion and diminished interest. Many theories of burnout include negative outcomes related to burnout, including job function (performance, output, etc.); health related outcomes (increases in stress hormones, coronary heart disease, circulatory issues), and mental health problems (depression, etc.)

February 18, 2009. As my daily routine, knowing that i have to study, The moment I opened my eyes around 7am I already felt that something was not right. Did I woke up on the wrong side of the bed? There was something wrong in me… I was not feeling good. Instead of going out of bed in that 7:00 in the morning and prepare my coffee, I just opened my eyes lying still and hugging my teddybear (yes, i have a teddybear in my bed!), until 7:30 came there i decided to get up and face my book.

Instead of having a coffee, I prepared a chocolate drink instead. thinking that that taking sweet drink would made me more energetic. As I was reading, I really felt uneasy, I can feel that I am somewhat tired and I cannot comprehend what I was reading, my memory retention was low. I forced my self to read, and upon reaching 20 pages or so, around 9 in the morning, I decided to go back to bed, and hug my Teddy Bear. when I opened my eyes, It was already 10 in the morning, but still i cannot get out from bed. I felt so heavy. Regardless, I forced my self and prepare an early lunch instead. I dunno what was wrong…

Was I stressed out? Burnout? Having this idea in mind, I no longer forced my self to study and trying ignore the pain in my head. Instead, a few hours after I had my lunch, I decided to go to the gym. However, I just cant get to totally rid of my mind the idea that I have to study. So, while I was working out in the gym, I was listening in my CREATIVE ZEN the recorded lecture of Justice Antonio B. Nachura, being the Chairman in the 2009 Bar Examination. I was listening in his lecture in Political Law. What a coincidence, his introduction was “never force your self to study”, like when your body no longer take iit, the retention level is so low that you are just adding stress to your body and make it worse. I felt so relaxed though i was sweating so much, i lost track of time and realizing that i have been in the gym for almost two and a half hours already… I felt good right after working out. I can feel that I can study again… I just hope that i will no longer experience what i had that day.

Was I burnout? Though I really dont know what it actually mean, and what the symptoms are… I decided to surf the net for informations, and found the following: to be continued…

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2 Responses to burnout? part 1

  1. Freelancer says:

    Laziness po?wehehehe…just kidding. That’s weird….maybe something’s bothering you and you can’t put it into words. I think you’re doing great in your reviews naman eh…you’re very disciplined pa nga. You were doing well naman last sat., so why so sudden… You’re included in my prayers… it’s probably the lady from the call center..wehehehe…I still haven’t listened for fear that she might provoke me to anger… Anyway, exercise, vitamins, enough sleep, water therapy, fruits!!! apples, oranges, and lotz of prayers and read jokes,…yep jokes to make you laugh…haha..i dnt have moral ascendancy to give you such advice, mas depressed pa ko sau..haha…cheer up dude!! What’s the name of your Teddy Bear?hehehe Ciao!

  2. Freelancer says:

    I guess we all get these dayz when things just doesn’t seem right..

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